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Galaxy AI is here

Extreme close-ups of the corners of Galaxy S24 Plus. The device turns slowly. Next, a close up shot starts with the side keys and rotates to the rear panel. Next, the device seen in full from the rear.

Easy to grip. Satisfying to hold. With their unified design and satin finish, Galaxy S24 and S24+ feel as smooth as they look.

Big, bigger and faster

They’re the upgrades you’ve waited for. More screen. More battery. More processing power. There’s so much more to love about Galaxy S24 and S24+. Especially now that Galaxy S24+ comes with the highest screen resolution on a Galaxy device: QHD+.

Galaxy S24 in Amber Yellow and Galaxy S24 Plus in Cobalt Violet are seen from the front.

Mineral-inspired colors

Two Galaxy S24 Series devices in Cobalt Violet. One stands upright and is seen from the rear. The other phone is seen from the side to show the frame’s edges.

Galaxy AI

A color gradation of shades of blue and green.

Power the detail with ProVisual engine

50MP. Mega Mega Pixels

A true pixel powerhouse that will not disappoint. Ever. Snap high-res pics for that will no doubt withstand the test of time for years to come.

A vibrant 50 megapixel landscape photo of a river valley.
Captured by Galaxy S24+ #withGalaxy

Shoot far. Even in the dark

A color rich photo of two people sitting in front of a cafe taken at 2x zoom.

Tap to zoom


Captured by Galaxy S24+ #withGalaxy

Just keep pinching. Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x. AI keeps pictures high-quality: crisp, clear and super sharp — without losing much detail.

Make room for epic AI Zoom

The view finder of the Camera app shows a woman posing in front of a scenic background. The camera zooms in from 1x to 2x and then 3x. Next, a clear photo of a subject with a scenic background at 2.5x zoom appears.

Captured by Galaxy S24+ #withGalaxy

Capture stunning shots with vivid detail at more zoom distances than before. Zoom in on the action and capture enhanced details thanks to the new AI Zoom solution

Super HDR previews. AI-enhanced before you even snap

In the Camera app’s preview window, a photo is taken. Then, the Gallery button is tapped to open the most recent photo in the Gallery. The share button is tapped. A photo is selected to be shared. Then, a social media app is selected. The photo appears in the social media app to be uploaded as a new post. The photo is then seen as an uploaded post in the app’s feed.

Captured by Galaxy S24+ #withGalaxy

With our latest Super HDR upgrade, you can capture vivid shots the way you see them, from preview to posting.16 And it even works when you shoot with Instagram.17

See a Super HDR preview before you even hit the shutter. Keep it in your Gallery, or upload it to your feed — either way you’ll see the same show-stopping HDR quality.

Resize it, retouch it. Just like that

Unlock the magic of AI-powered photo editing.4 Now you can effortlessly perfect your photos, ensuring every image shines. But that’s not all, even if you couldn’t capture the shot you wanted, Generative Edit can fill in backgrounds and make unwanted objects *poof* disappear.

A photo is edited in the Gallery app. To straighten it, the photo is rotated and empty corners appear in the frame. Then, missing areas and background are filled in.

Rotate your photo and let background fill complete the missing corners to fit the frame.

A photo is edited in the Gallery app. An edit button is tapped and the subject is selected. They are resized and moved to another location in the picture. Then, missing areas are filled in.

Select and move an object in your photo and AI will fill in the space it leaves behind like it was never there.

Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate

Get quick language translation on your next phone call.2 That’s right, AI helps you communicate outside your own language while you talk on the phone. And get this, it even works on messaging.

A phone call is interpreted in real time. The dialogue is shown on screen as a text conversation in two languages.

Your must-haves are at your fingertips

Customize your daily experience with widgets on your lock screen and Always On Display. From important reminders to your local air quality, get the info you need at a glance.19

A lock screen dims to an Always On Display with weather, time and alarm widgets with a music player control panel.


Pick the right tone for your text with Chat Assist

Add a whole new layer of expression to your messages through Chat Assist. It works across email and on social media to make chatting quick and easy!

A draft text message is written into the send bar. 'How about pizza?' Chat Assist suggests alternative phrasing in different tones. Social tone says, 'How about some yummy hashtag pizza. Yum emoji. Hashtag foodie heaven.' Polite tone says, 'Would you be interested in having pizza?'

Stronger Vapor Chamber. Game on

Gameplay scene from Gameloft is depicted on the display of Galaxy S24 Plus. The details are clear and the content is smooth.

This new and improved heat dissipation system helps you keep gaming at optimal performance. Our latest Vapor Chamber is bigger than before, with an integrated liquid-type thermal interface material.

Vapor Chamber


Our brightest adaptive mobile display under the sun

Level up your game with these two massive screens. Thanks to their increased display size and ultra-slim bezels, Galaxy S24’s 6.2″ FHD+ display and Galaxy S24+’s 6.7″ QHD+ display offer more screen real estate than ever before, delivering the most immersive viewing experience. Plus, you can enjoy optimal color and contrast with Vision Booster on both displays.

Galaxy S24 Plus is held outdoors in the sunlight. A video with rich color and high contrast plays on the screen.

The all-day battery is smarter for longer

Power on. And on. And on. Galaxy S24 and S24+ have an intelligent battery that gives you more game time, watch time and you time.

Watch videos up to

29hrsGalaxy S24

31hrsGalaxy S24+

Listen to music up to

78hrsGalaxy S24

92hrsGalaxy S24+

Why switch from iOS to Galaxy?

Switch effortlessly from iOS

Keep your photos, videos, contacts, calendar and apps with Smart Switch — even if you switch from iOS.

Trailblaze the AI frontier

Switch to Galaxy to make your entire day effortless through the new era of mobile AI.

Forget barriers between devices

Switch to Galaxy to open up seamless ways to work, play and stay healthy across your devices.

Share files in the moment

Effortlessly send photos, videos and a variety of files with users outside the Galaxy ecosystem through Quick Share. Previously an exclusive among Galaxy devices, it now works with nearby Androids, too.

Quick Share outside your ecosystem

You’re not limited to Galaxy phones. Use QR codes and saved contacts to share with iOS users or far-away friends and family.

Secured by Samsung Knox

Rest easy with our unparalleled mobile protection, fortified by the impenetrable Knox Vault, as well as Knox Matrix, Samsung’s vision for multi-device security.

Changes start from small steps

We’re moving toward a sustainable future, step by step. We believe in building a sustainable journey through small changes that could make a big difference. It feels good to do good.

Trade in and save

Trade in your old phone to save on your new Galaxy S24 or Galaxy S24+.

An older smartphone flies away while a new Galaxy S24 Plus bounds forward.

Up to 512GB storage

Store it all with 256GB and 512GB options. Or go for 128GB on Galaxy S24.

Accessories for the next era

Four Galaxy S24 Plus devices with cases installed: Silicone Case in Yellow, Clear Gadget Case, Standing Grip Case in Light Blue and Flipsuit Case in Yellow.

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