Galaxy S24 Standing Grip Case

Convenient easy-to-grip strap

With the new standing grip design, your phone stays securely in your hand. The sturdy strap on the back provides you with a secure hold. Get a good grip and worry less about drops.

* Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Galaxy S24 in light blue, taupe and dark violet Standing Grip cases are arranged in an orderly way, showing the versatility of the product's five-sided cut-ins. The case’s rectangular shape portrays an organized feel in a full-bleed layout.

All-new hands-free entertainment

Enjoy your favorite shows without the hassle of holding your phone. The Standing Grip Case offers comfortable viewing, freeing up your hands for what truly matters.

A young student is resting her head on her hand while looking at the screen of her Galaxy S24 Plus in a light blue Standing Grip Case. The Strap forms a stand that helps the phone stand on its own, demonstrating practical situations by securely fixing the strap for comfortable screen viewing. The text reads UL VALIDATED STANDING GRIP CASE (EF-GS921) CONTAINS A MINIMUM OF 20% POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT, CONSISTING OF 39% POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT IN THE PLASTIC OF STANDING GRIP CASE. UL.COM/ECV

* Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Trendy comfort, silky style

Indulge in the smooth, silky texture of our Silicone Case. Not only is it soft to the touch, but it also provides a comfortable grip that lasts for hours.

Three young people are holding the Strap of the Standing Grip Case in dark violet, light blue and taupe from left to right. Each person shows the ease of holding the phone as a right-handed or left-handed user, showcasing various lifestyle shots in different colors.

* Image simulated for illustration purposes.