Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy AI is here

Galaxy AI is here

Welcome to the era of mobile AI. With Galaxy S24 Ultra in your hands, you can unleash whole new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility — starting with the most important device in your life. Your smartphone.

Epic, just like that.

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Sleek. Strong. Stunning

An extreme close-up of the side of Galaxy S24 Ultra. Next, light passes over the front of the device. Next, a close-up of the rear panel with S Pen in front.

Meet Galaxy S24 Ultra, the ultimate form of Galaxy Ultra with a new titanium exterior and a 6.8″ flat display. It’s an absolute marvel of design.

Armor up with titanium

Check out the upgrade — a durable shield of titanium built right into the frame. The strength of titanium is now at your fingertips.

Better scratch resistance with Corning® Gorilla® Armor

Water and dust resistant. Worry free

A close up of the Galaxy S24 Ultra display at a slight angle showing the sides.

New colors. Mineral chic

Three Galaxy S24 Ultra devices in Titanium Gray. Two are shown together, one seen from the front and one from the rear with the S Pen beside it. Another phone is seen from the side to show the frame’s edges.

Built-in S Pen writes a whole new chapter

The legacy of Galaxy Note is alive and well. Write, tap and navigate with precision your fingers wish they had on the new, flat display.

S Pen hovers over the display of Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy AI

Four stars swirl across the screen.

Top-notch NPU. Industry-leading camera. Now with AI

rear camera


Wide-angle & 2x Optical Quality Zoom


Ultra Wide


5x Optical Zoom & 10x Optical Quality Zoom


3x Optical Zoom

front camera


Selfie Camera

200MP.Capture details that rival reality

With the most megapixels on a smartphone and AI processing, Galaxy S24 Ultra sets the industry standard for image quality every time you hit the shutter. What’s more, the new ProVisual engine recognizes objects — improving color tone, reducing noise and bringing out detail.

A 200 megapixel landscape photo shows rich detail and color. When cropped in closer, details remain clear.
Captured by Galaxy S24 Ultra #withGalaxy

ProVisual engine shoots every night in clear detail

Space Zoom puts you in the middle of the action, even at night. With 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS, photos and videos are brighter and more stable — making even distant subjects clearly stunning.

Our most powerful Quad Tele zoom yet

Don’t let long distance get you down. Now you can get 2x, 3x, 5x and even 10x close-ups with optical or optical quality zoom. Plus, the new, powerful Tele OIS is wider than before to stabilize the shot for less zoom-in blur.

A photo of an open field and mountains with figures near the horizon taken at 1x zoom.
Captured by Galaxy S24 Ultra #withGalaxy

Digital zoom closes in, AI Zoom amps it up

Go from scenic to specific thanks to deep learning-based AI Zoom. Glide seamlessly past 1x zoom all the way to 100x zoom while AI amps up the details at all the points in between.

A photo taken at 6.5x zoom of a woman posing at a lake is vibrant and the mountainous scenery in the background is crisp.
Captured by Galaxy S24 Ultra #withGalaxy

Super HDR. AI from preview to post

With our latest Super HDR upgrade, camera previews display Super HDR just like your final capture. You can immediately see what your super-vivid photos and videos will look like before you even take them. Plus, it even works when you’re shooting with social media app cameras.

A woman’s photo is taken at sunset. With Super HDR, color and saturation is enhanced so the subject is bright and the clouds in the sky are pronounced. The Super HDR image shown in the view finder matches the high-definition result saved in the Gallery.

Captured by Galaxy S24 Ultra #withGalaxy

Resize it, retouch it. Just like that

Something out of place? Just move it in post. New AI-powered editing options let you get the photo you wanted, like relocating objects and intelligently filling in the space they left behind.

A photo is edited in the Gallery app. An edit button is tapped and one of the subjects is selected. They are moved to another location in the picture. Then, missing areas are filled in.

Live Translate. The easiest way to communicate

Thanks to Live Translate, now you can get real-time interpretation while you’re on the phone. Break down language barriers like never before — even through messaging. Reply back in your own language — it’ll get translated on their end too.

A phone call is translated in real time. The dialogue is shown on screen as a text conversation in two languages.

Pick the right tone for your text with Chat Assist

Compose text messages with AI at the helm in Chat Assist.17 Now you can say what you mean with the voice of a professional, a close friend, even just politely. Go from “how do I say this?” to “why didn’t I think of that?” in seconds.

A draft text message is written into the send bar. 'Great! What about bulgogi?' Alternative phrasing is suggested in different tones. Casual tone says, 'Awesome! How about bulgogi?' Social tone says, 'Bulgogi is a must-try! Hashtag Korean BBQ'

Summarize Notes in the blink of an AI

Whether you’re typing up a storm or jotting something down, Note Assist makes a long story short. Simply start writing, and format it into a clear, easy-to-review summary later.

And when you’re looking for an old note, the new covers show simple summaries — keeping your screen looking organized so you can find things with ease.

A lengthy block of text is highlighted in a Note. With a few taps, a simplified outline of the content is produced. The document is saved.

Our most hyper-realistic mobile gameplay yet

Arena Breakout logo. Ray tracing on. Ray tracing off. A before and after comparison on the display of Galaxy S24 Ultra depicts ray tracing effects in a gameplay snapshot from Arena Breakout. Ray tracing makes reflections on surfaces more pronounced.

Victory can be yours with the new Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. Faster processing gives you the power you need for all the gameplay you want. Then, manifest graphic effects in real time with ray tracing for hyper-realistic shadows and reflections.

And guess what? We’ve nearly doubled the size of Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Vapor Chamber to improve heat dissipation and give you the smooth graphics experience as it was intended.


41%improved operation with AI


30%more powerful graphics and performance


20%faster, more energy efficient computing

All-day battery to play on and on

With massive capacity and greater energy efficiency, Ultra’s battery gives you extra life when it matters most — you know, like the epic boss battle you’ve been gearing up for.

Watch videos up to


Listen to music up to



2600 nit display. Our brightest adaptive mobile display under the sun

Our most immersive display comes with some major visibility upgrades. Corning® Gorilla® Armor reduces reflections and improves visual clarity, even in direct sunlight. Then, an improved Vision Booster enhances contrast and color for a clearly exceptional experience.

VDE logo. ID: 40057676

Video with clear visibility is portrayed in a before and after style comparison a Galaxy S24 Ultra display. The device is being held outside in the daylight and a video is playing on the screen.

Why switch from iOS to Galaxy?

Switch effortlessly from iOS

Keep your photos, videos, contacts, calendar and apps with Smart Switch — even if you switch from iOS.

Go to Smart Switch

Trailblaze the AI frontier

Switch to Galaxy to make your entire day effortless through the new era of mobile AI.

Forget barriers between devices

Switch to Galaxy to open up seamless ways to work, play and stay healthy across your devices.

Go to Connected Experience

Share files in the moment

Effortlessly send photos, videos and a variety of files with users outside the Galaxy ecosystem through Quick Share. Previously an exclusive among Galaxy devices, it now works with nearby Androids, too.

Quick Share outside your ecosystem

You’re not limited to Galaxy phones. Use QR codes and saved contacts to share with iOS users or far-away friends and family.

Secured by Samsung Knox

Rest easy with our unparalleled mobile protection, fortified by the impenetrable Knox Vault, as well as Knox Matrix, Samsung’s vision for multi-device security.

Changes start from small steps

We’re moving toward a sustainable future, step by step. We believe in building a sustainable journey through small changes that could make a big difference. It feels good to do good.

Trade in and save

Trade in your old phone to save on your new Galaxy S24 Ultra.

An older smartphone flies away while a new Galaxy S24 Ultra with S Pen bounds forward.

Up to 1TB storage

Save it all with 256GB, 512GB and 1TB options.

Accessorize your next era

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Flat lay of four Galaxy S24 Ultra devices with cases installed: Flipsuit Case in Yellow, Standing Grip Case in Taupe, Clear Gadget Case and Smart View Wallet Case in Black. S Pen is placed to the side.

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