Hold it or set it to stand

Secure your phone with the Clear Gadget Case’s versatile grip, which doubles as a kickstand for longer phone sessions and movie-watching on the go.

* Image simulated for illustration purposes.
** Grip and Cap accessories are detachable and swappable.
*** In box items: Clear Gadget Case with Grip+Strap

A close up of a woman holding the grip of the Clear Gadget Case with great ease. Next, a couple has the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Clear Gadget Case with the grip set as a kickstand for a hands-free viewing.

Extra armor for your device

Keep your phone intact with the Clear Gadget Case. The long-lasting coating adds a transparent layer of protection to your phone.

Your style, your choice

Easily detach and swap the grip accessory, choosing from a range of designs. Personalize with customizable options and make your phone uniquely yours.

Five different accessories compatible with the Clear Gadget Case are shown. On the left, the rear shot of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Card Case with Strap with an orange Strap. Next, three grip accessories, Grip SKZOO, Grip Smiley, Grip Minions, are laid out parallel to each other, showing the detachable grip feature. Below is the Camera Grip Stand that when attached, the device is securely held to allow hands-free viewing.

* Image simulated for illustration purposes.
** Accessories sold separately. Availability and design of accessories may vary by country or carrier.